Privacy Policy for PremiumPresta

By accessing the website Users agree for their personal data to be stored and handled by the company S.C. Bit SHOK S.R.L. .
S.C. Bit SHOK S.R.L. has the obligation to manage in a secure manner and only in the specified purposes the personal data that the Users provide.

The purpose of data collection is:

  • informing Buyers about their Account situation, including validation, invoicing and delivery of Orders;

  • resolving any issue that might arise regarding Orders, Goods or Services purchased;

  • sending Newsletters and/or Announcements by using email;

  • market research, tracking sales and User behavior on the website;

Data collection is made using different ways and specific tools like: create account form, checkout form, contact form, newsletter form, tracking software, online questionnaire etc.
By completing one or many of the forms presented in website, the User declares that he/she accepts unconditionally that the personal data is collected into the database of S.C. Bit SHOK S.R.L. and approves for it to be stored, used and handled for the purpose mentioned above.

The website uses Cookies, these being data stored on the user hard drive, containing information about the User. This works in the advantage of the Users by preserving options like the language in which the content is displayed, filter displayed data, keep the name and password encrypted for a fast access of the restricted areas of the website.

Not accepting the use of Cookies does not restrict the user to access the content of the website. By using Cookies, the owners of the website can track and segment the Users interests for some zones or applications of the website, which will lead to an improved navigation of the website and the presentation of more relevant content for the User. For more details read our Cookie policy page.

By reading the current page you have acknowledged that your rights are granted, including the right to be informed, the right to access, modify or erase the data, the right to restrict or object the processing of data, the right to not have automated decisions taken for you, the right to go to court in the case of breaking your rights of data protection.

Based on a written letter, dated, signed and delivered to the address: Romania, Iasi, Bd. Independentei, nr. 15, bl. B1-5, tr. B1, et. 3, ap. 9, for S.C. Bit SHOK S.R.L., users can exercise, for free, the following rights:

  • confirmation of the fact that the personal data is being handled or not, limited to one solicitation per year;

  • correct, modify, restrict or erase personal data, especially data that is incomplete or incorrect;

  • transformation of personal data into anonymous data;

  • getting a list of 3rd party partners with whom the data has been shared if getting this information does not involve a disproportionate effort compared with the interest in case or the information is not impossible to get;

S.C. Bit SHOK S.R.L. can provide personal data of Buyers to other partner companies, but only with a Non-disclosure agreement and to be used only for the purpose mentioned above, through which the partners guarantee that the data will be kept safe and the handling of it is taking place according to the law. Partners can be: carrier providers, marketing services providers, payment providers, other providers with whom we can create common offers that include our Goods and Services.

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