Install PrestaShop without the sample data


When installing a new copy of PrestaShop, the store is populated with some sample data and also set to Demo mode to show some fake statistics. This makes it easy for new users of PrestaShop to form a fast general idea of how the data is represented and structured in Back Office. Users can use this as an example for when they start to create and structure their own data.

The demo data includes most of the main aspects of a PrestaShop store, like products, categories, manufacturers, suppliers, customers, orders and others. When a user decides to start filling the store with his own data, to go through each sample data and remove them manually would be a tedious job. That’s why to start from a clean state, PrestaShop recommends you to use a module called Database Cleaner that does what it’s name suggests. This provides options to delete everything from catalog, orders and customers and also options to check and fix the database integrity and to clean and optimize the physical storage of data.

Removing the sample data when you want is easy, but if you are a heavy user of PrestaShop that is already familiarized with how data can be structured inside Back Office and doesn’t needs the examples, you might be looking for a way to install PrestaShop without the sample data from the start. Prior to version 1.6 users were presented with an option at install to choose if they want the demo data or not.

Even though PrestaShop documentation at the moment doesn’t presents a way to do this, there’s actually a very simple way to have that option back at install. All you have to do is to enable development mode before starting to install Prestashop.

To enable development mode edit file config/ and change the line define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); into define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);.

The development mode is very useful when you’re having troubles with your store to see if there are any errors into your code.

After enabling development mode, the same option that was available prior to version 1.6 will let you choose if you want to install the sample data or not. It is called Install demo products, but it refers to all the sample data, not only the products.

  • Jorge Aramuni

    Great article, Gabriel!! A simple solution, that will make a big difference! I’ll be making clean installs of Prestashop, for sure. The sample data is not needed, and I don’t understand why the Prestashop team did not include your solution in the documentation.

  • Hasan Raza

    Nicely explained , though these days PrestaShop can be easily installed with just 1-click Via Cloudways, have a look at it, the whole process is pretty simple and easy.